Welcome to our Company

Company History:

Our family set out their journey in Dinajpur by our founder and grandfather Late Mr.Abdul Wahid, engaging in grain trade& Bakery named "MUSLIM BISCUIT AND BREAD FACTORY"  in 1948.

Just in 1975, our father Mr. M. Mustafa started his first grain business in Bangladesh. In 1980 made his first investment on flour milling and started flour production by the courtesy of the experience inherited from his own father.


We, MUSTAFA AND SONS GROUP OF INDUSTRIES, have our mills located in BSCIC Saidpur, Nilphamari, Bangladesh.  These mills have first been founded with the capacity of 40 MT and today reached 200 MT. We enjoy making fresh food products and are working hard to support and encourage local farmers to grow grains for us.

Our main aim is to serve our customers by supplying their desired quality products consistently. Stability of our Products quality is provided by continuous quality control, by our experienced staff and by accumulated know how throughout years.

M/s. Gousia Flour Mills have been producing world class flours for more than 14 years. When you purchase Gousia Flour Mill's products, be rest assured that you are having the most healthy and hygienic flour. We believe that you and your family deserve only the Best!

We also do contract manufacturing so as to enable our customers to get flour as per their unique specifications.


Beside those facilities, we have our warehouses and silos allowing us to store huge amount of wheat.


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